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Storytelling is our passion. We’re diligent about production and cost management. But, ultimately, we’re driven by a brand’s purpose and identity. We see ourselves as brand advocates first, and producers second. That is why Uprising Productions™ offers two types of services: public relations and production.

Following its mission of providing its clients with awareness and conversions, Uprising Productions also organizes brand activation, experiential events and consumer engagement operations on behalf of its clients.

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PR Services

Have you grown tired of seeing the same faces and brands in magazines? Would you like to have a disruptive profile? Or is your aim to appear on the most prestigious covers? 

Uprising Productions™will raise awareness of your profile or your brand and help you to reach the best magazines to secure placement.

Video & Photography Production

Uprising Productions™will tell your story. Better.

We produce and shoot content for corporate, commercial, creative and entertainment clients. Our team specializes in the creation of branded content, corporate videos, showreels, films, web videos, music video clips and photos. We take your project from concept development, casting, locations and storyboards through to equipment and logistics.

Uprising Productions™ creates and produces 360 campaigns with static content and videos with international artists and charismatic models, followed by digital activation.